Indium Granule

Indium Granule is made of pure Indium Ingot in the vacuum and clean workshop to ensure the high purity of 99.99% min or higher. Our indium grains is in the size range of 1-5mm, 3- 5mm with the bright surface, different size and shapes are available. Santech Materials engaged in producing high purity 99.99% Indium granule with the smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor.

Indium Granule, indium shot
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Density: 7.31 g/cm3 at 25°C
Melting point: 156.6 °C
Boiling point:2080 °C
Thermal Expansion:(25°C) 32.1
Thermal Conductivity:0.818 W/cm/K at 298.2 K
Young's Modulus: 11 GPa
Electrical Resistivity:8.37 microhm-cm at 20 °C
Size: Could be customized

Purity:99.99% 99.995%


● Semiconductor industry
● Low-melting-point metal alloys
● Encapsulating material
● Sealing material


● Strict quality control for procedures of raw material, process control and pre-delivery.
● Each contents of Cu, Fe, Pb, Cd, As, Al, Zn, Tl, Sn is less than 5ppm to the 99.99% grade.
● Fast delivery: 2-4 days after PO confirmed for sample;
● ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated manufacturer.
● Great technical capability to be a valued and long-term supplier.
● Technical support: 24 hours technical support by e-mail or calling.
● Convenient payment: Bank Transfer, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba payment.