Tellurium Dioxide Sputtering Target

Tellurium Dioxide Sputtering Target (TeO2) is a high-quality acousto optic material. It has good birefringence and optical rotation. Under the same clear aperture, the acousto-optic device's resolution made of Tellurium Dioxide crystal can be increased by orders of magnitude and fast response speed. Tellurium Dioxide Sputtering Target has two colors (translucent white and black) which is depended on hot pressing technology.

Tellurium Dioxide Sputtering Target, TeO2 crystal, Tellurium Dioxide singel crystal
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Molecular Formula: TeO2
CAS No.: 7446-7-3
EINECS No.: 231-193-1
Purity: 99.99%, 99.999%
Size: Plate,RodGranules as required
Melting Point: 733°C
Boiling Point: 1245°C
Delivery Time: 1-15days

Supply Capacity: 500kg per month


Tellurium Dioxide Sputtering Target is used for fritted porcelain, thin film capacitor, gate dielectric and nuclear safety.


● Translucent white appearance and Black are available.
● Density is 5.9g/cm^3 min.
● Design and size can be customized.